Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In Between Time

by Maggie Sefton

That's what I call the days in between the two holidays Christmas, December
25th, and New Year's Day, January 1st.   I use those days to catch up on stuff.  Each year, it's different kinds of "stuff."  Sometimes it's clearing accumulated clutter in my office.  Other times, it's getting a head start on a new project.  This year, I used that time to catch up on much-needed rest and relaxation after the wonderful and super-hectic Christmas holidays with visiting family.

To tell the truth, I like to push those "Catch Up" days past January 1st.  This year, I've been sorting through and clearing up all sorts of weird stuff.  The Polar Vortex cooperated in my Stay At Home and Sort efforts by dropping temps into the deep freeze for this past weekend.  We started to warm up Monday and rest of the week will be in mid-40s.  So far, this Winter is living up to the Weather Warning I heard this last Fall, that this Winter would be brutal for most of the U.S.

Another thing I like to catch up on are movies that the busy times have caused me to miss.  There are several I want to see, but this last weekend I started with one I was really looking forward to:  SAVING MISTER BANKS, with Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers, creator of that marvelous character Mary Poppins.

As a life-long lover of Disney movies, I thoroughly enjoyed this film.  And I even shed some tears, watching Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers cry when she finally saw Disney's movie creation from her beloved character, Mary Poppins.  Tom Hanks also does a wonderful job of portraying Walt Disney.  Insightful, dedicated, and a natural born storyteller.  And what can I say about Emma Thompson that hasn't been said.  This role was probably a romp for her, because she got to play a fussy, stuffy, uncooperative woman who had deep-seated personal reasons for not wanting anyone to touch her character of Mary Poppins.  The movie spends time revealing P.L.Travers' past so the viewer can understand her reactions.  And a wonderful last shot as the credits are rolling shows an old tape recorder playing a tape the actual P.L.Travers had made of meetings with the Disney creative writers on the script and plot.  The audience heard the real author in her best "fussy schoolmarm" voice correcting and arguing with the long-suffering Disney writers.  :)

Have any of you seen it?  What other films did you see over the holidays?


Karen in Ohio said...

Saving Mr. Banks is one of the five best movies I've ever seen. Well worth the time to go see it. Everyone I know who's seen it has raved about the film.

And there is no violence, no nudity, and one lonely (and mild) swear word.

Deb said...

I saw it last weekend and haven't been able to stop singing LET'S GO FLY A KITE ever since!

Maggie Sefton said...

I agree, Karen. It's a character study, isn't it? And it's fascinating.

Maggie Sefton said...

I love that scene where her foot starts tapping and can't stop. :)

Aurian said...

I loved the Mary Poppins books, and the movie. There were 4 translated into Dutch. I thought this would be some kind of remake, but it is not, and now I want to see it! Thanks for the post Maggie :)