Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Downton Abbey Drama

by Maggie Sefton

I've been watching the PBS series, Downton Abbey, ever since the first season debuted three years ago in January 2011.  The multiple storylines captivated me from the start, and the wonderful actors that brought each character to life were marvelous.  I have been a regular viewer of the wonderful PBS series, Masterpiece Theatre, for decades.  Really.  :)  So, of course, I quickly tuned in to the first episode of Downton Abbey, and am I glad I did.

The creator, Julian Fellowes,  and the  screenwriters/script writers have never disappointed the audience with boring and predictable storytelling.  Far from it.  Each of the main and supporting characters has his or her distinctive  character arc and storyline.  And the creator and creative writers have never shied away from traumatic and tragic events.  Consequently, at the end of last year's third season, I---like the rest of the Downton Abbey audience---watched in horror as a beloved character was senselessly killed in a car accident.  I'm sure my reaction mirrored millions of viewers all over:  "Ohhhh noooooooo! Not . . . "

Since that was the Season Three ending episode, the audience eagerly awaited the start of Season Four last week.   We were not disappointed.   New complex storylines emerged, offering all sorts of complications.  And our favorite characters were there. . .at least most of them.  So. . . .I was definitely not prepared for the shocking and disturbing plot turn that occurred at the end of last Sunday's episode.  Shocking is putting it mildly.  And, disturbing is not an exaggeration.  Those dramatic scenes kept playing through my mind and kept me from falling asleep easily Sunday.  Talk about dramatic storytelling.   Every viewer will be glued to their screens next week to see what happens in the next episode.  I'm starting to worry already.

Of course, I'm a novelist and a storyteller, so perhaps my reaction to that traumatic "plot event" is unusual.  So, I'm curious, Cozy Chicks Blog readers and fans-----what were your reactions to that Downton Abbey episode?   Tell us, please.  
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