Sunday, January 26, 2014

Are You Listening?

by Leann

Did I ever mention what a talented family I have? My son plays multiple instruments, writes songs and has a talent for art. My daughter is an accomplished performance artist with a masters degree in choreography. My sister is an amazing water color and pen and ink artist. It's about time I mentioned my son-in-law. (Well, mention him again, because big things have happened!)

He (Jeffrey Cranor) and his co-writer Joseph Fink developed a podcast called Welcome to Night Vale about a year and a half ago. It's funny, it's mysterious and at times horrifying. Most of all it is completely unique. It went viral months ago and has even topped This American Life on the iTunes podcast top ten at times. It's a twice monthly show narrated like old time radio with the news announcer Cecil even making the weather in Night Vale seem bizarre. I cannot explain what is unexplainable. Just listen and you'll understand. The episodes are downloadable free from iTunes and you can visit the Welcome to Night Vale Facebook page to learn more.

Other fabulous things have happened with "Night Vale." They developed "live shows" to please their ever-growing audience. They started small, appearing in bookstores and small theaters but now they are on a major tour with the live show. Currently they are on the west coast. They will be touring all over the place, though--going to DC, Philly, Atlanta--well just about everywhere. Such fun! Such excitement! Their
shows seem to sell out immediately. This picture is my son-in-law with Molly Quinn, whom you may recognize from Castle, taken backstage in L.A.

And to prove that even more great things can happen if you pursue your dreams, Jeffrey and Joseph recently signed with HarperCollins and there will be a Night Vale novel in 2015. I am so proud of you guys! So very happy for your success!
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