Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Catalogs Will Find You

by Leann

It's been more than a year since we moved from Texas to South Carolina and I received the notice that mail forwarding ended. So how did every company in America find us anyway?

The amount of paper I am receiving in the form of gift catalogs is unbelievable. In this small city, recycling is free and the pic-up is every two weeks. We have a giant recycling trash can and I never thought we'd come close to having enough recyclables to come close to filling it--until the retail season began around mid-October.

My routine is to go the mail box and then before I even enter the house, I stop at the recycle can and unload everything we will never look at. If I took the time to even glance at all these catalogs I'd never get a book written. It would take me a year to get through this season's catalogs. Since I do almost all my shopping online, I suppose our new address has been shared with every company who sends out paper.

What's interesting is that this wouldn't have bothered me years ago. I remember the days when I couldn't wait for the Christmas catalogs to arrive.

But now I look at all this paper and think about the trees we are killing. We are building a house that is as green as we can afford--and believe me, going this route is very expensive. My perspective about the environment has changed and it makes me wonder how many of these catalogs are made from recycled paper? If just the amount of catalogs that have appeared in my mailbox is any clue, we should never have to cut down another tree.

Despite no mail forwarding, the catalogs have found us. It bothers me. What about you? Do you enjoy all this holiday mail? Do you look at any of it?
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