Monday, December 23, 2013

SCAMMED -- Almost!

by Kate Collins

Recipe for a scam:

1 woman who loves fine purses
1 website purporting to be Louis Vuitton
1 GIGANTIC sale at said website

Mix together and cook for one hour. Serves: no one.

Luckily for me, my mystery radar was tripped before I hit the Buy button or I would have been out a lot of money. All I lost was an hour's worth of time and suffered a bruised ego.

I had been wishing for a Louis Vuitton purse for awhile now, but couldn't bear to part with over a thousand dollars to buy one when I already have lovely bags. But a woman can dream, can't she?

So when an email appeared in my inbox yesterday purporting to be from Lois Vuitton, my eyeballs widened. Was it meant to be? Could it be a Christmas gift to me? And what a sale! Certain bags were 80% off, end of year clearance.

So I poured over the choices and finally narrowed it down to just the right style, size, color, etc. I went to checkout and carefully made sure there was a Verisign notice. Well, it wasn't Verisign, but something European, and since LV is French, I figured it was international. Maybe it really is. I'll never know now.

Something made me take it a step further. I went to the link that said "About Us" and started reading. It seemed legit except that the phrasing was off. In my head, I could hear the French accent coming through. But would an amazingly sophisticated company like LV not have the best website available?

Next I typed in and got a completely different site, a gorgeous site, that had no strange phrasing, but did have a warning that they sell their merchandise only through stores and through that very site. That was it!

I then Googled the other website and it came up in a scam page. Turns out, the website is a mere 24 days old and already has had complaints.

Whew! I dodged a bullet and relearned a big lesson. When it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Have you ever been the victim of a scam? Or almost were?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



mary kennedy said...

Kate, I saw the exact same webpage!! It looked so tempting --and too good to be true. Like you, I googled the words "Louis Vuitton scam" and there was the phony website, I'm glad you dodged the bullet.

Dorothy said...

I don't think I have been scammed before, and I love my bargain -priced Calvin Kline Jeans!

Kate Collins said...

Two things should have tipped me off right at the start: 80% off and all the bags had the same paragraph describing their quality. It struck me as odd. I think that was my inner warning system going off.

Karen in Ohio said...

My first tip would have been "Why am I getting this email?" Since I've never in my life gone to the LV website, or mentioned the company to another human being. Wonder how they got you on their radar, Kate?

You were smart to do all that checking. Glad you didn't get took! :-)

Kate Collins said...

Good question, Karen. That should have been my first red flag! I thought they were reading my mind! LOL

Karen in Ohio said...

LOL Hope springs eternal!

Teachgiftedkids said...

Good to hear about your experience. I'm gullible most of the time and would have probably ordered from the site. So far I don't have any name-brand purses because of a silly mindset: I refuse to carry around an expensive purse (or other product) with the logo/letters emblazoned on it for all to see that I have spent a ton of money! If the manufacture wants me to advertise their product, then they should pay me! I would rather have an expensive attractive leather purse where people ask me where I got it because it is SOOOO beautiful they would like one too. I don't want to carry around something that thousands of other people have just because it cost a lot of money. I wonder if I'm the only stubborn person out there????

ladyvyvian said...

I received a check in the amil which I was supposed to deposit in my account and then send them a certain amount and keep the rest. I took it to my bank and checked with them that it was a scam.

lavendersbluegreen said...

It is horrid that people feel the need to do this to others. I really cannot understand it.

I have actually been scammed. I answered a house for rent ad and I checked everything out, did all the due diligence. I confirmed the title on the house with the state and checked tax records etc to make sure that my landlord was the owner and it all checked out. Unfortunately that did not stop him from skipping the state with my money.

I can sue him but it seems like a lot of negative energy and concentration from me to go after... then I keep wondering how many people he's going to do this to and if any of them had sued him I would have found a record of it when I did my searching...

Aurian said...

So far, I have never been scammed. Only by the mail company, when they insisted they had handdelivered a big box full of books to my house, and I never ever received it. Complaing about it does not work at all, the books are gone. That was sad as they were second hand, and the seller was not at fault either, nor did she have another copy of those books for me.
Perhaps you can find one of those LV handbags in a mint condition somewhere in a second hand shop? I love all those American auction and storage programs and they always find treasures in there ...

Shirley said...

Does picking the wrong man to marry count?