Saturday, December 7, 2013

Musical Memories

A few posts ago, I mentioned that Mr. W and I had been traveling a lot, quick weekend trips. Well, one thing we always made sure we brought along was music. Lots of CDs.

We have eclectic tastes, Mr. W and I. From Guster, Bruce Springsteen, and Franz Ferdinand to Kenny Rogers, Cake, and the Old 97s.

See, I wasn't exaggerating about eclectic.

One of the other CDs we bring is by Neil Diamond (don’t judge). Neil always sends me straight back my childhood, a gift, really. You see, my early memories are extremely fuzzy. Bits and pieces right on through high school.

But I recall one morning… It had to be 1979 or ’80. I was in grade school. I’d woken up to find my mother getting ready for work, a usual morning, but then something from the TV caught her attention… Not something. Someone.

Neil Diamond was on a morning show. Coffee cup in hand, she took a moment to sit down to watch, and I took the opportunity to climb up on the sofa with her, lie down, and place my head in her lap. She smoothed my hair while we watched Neil sing—I don’t recall which song, and for all I know, it could have been a clip from a concert. All I remember is being all warm and cozy and loved.

It was such a sweet moment, a rare time-out from our busy mornings, that it was apparently stamped into my memory forever, and those feelings, the warm and cozies, are drawn forward whenever I hear a Neil Diamond song. And for that I’m grateful—and always earns Neil a trip with us when we travel.

What’s your earliest music memory? And what’s your favorite music to bring when you road trip? 
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