Friday, December 27, 2013

Meet the newest Chick!

As you know, our dear Heather is leaving the Cozy Chicks.  While we're sorry to see her go, we're happy to announce our new Chick.

Starting January 4th, Mary Kennedy will be stepping into the Saturday spotlight. Mary is a national best-selling author, and a clinical psychologist in private practice on the east coast.  She has sold forty novels, all to major New York publishers, and has made the Waldenbooks, BookScan, and Publishers Weekly best-seller lists.  Her early novels included middle grade fiction and young adult fiction for Scholastic and Penguin.

Currently she's writing an adult mystery series. She writes the Talk-Show Mysteries and has a new mystery series that will debut this summer.

As of January 1st, Ellery Adams will be stepping into the First of the Month spot with a monthly contest.  We guarantee it'll be fun and challenging.

So please welcome Mary, and look out for Ellery's first contest. 

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