Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Little Doggie Dress-Up

by Maggie Sefton

When daughter Serena sent me these photos of a close friend's miniature Dachsund, Oscar, I knew right away I had to share them.  The Cozy Chicks Blog seemed the perfect format.  I met Oscar over the Thanksgiving holiday.  He is truly adorable.  All he wants to do is snuggle with you.  You sit down, and Oscar jumps right up beside you and snuggles next to your leg and---if he can---put his little head on your lap for a rub.  Oscar had to adjust his position in order for me to work on my laptop, but we did it.  Oscar was a rescue doggie who had been abused.  How in the world can people do that?  He'd had a couple of ribs cracked, by a kick probably.  Serena's friend found him trembling at the back of the Rescue mission's cage.   And Oscar responded to the affection----big time.  :)  Life has been good for Oscar ever since, and for anyone who meets him.

Given Oscar's story, I thought I'd share these cute photos with all of you.   Here, Oscar is enjoying a Starbuck's treat, a Doggie Whip:

Here is Oscar in his Christmas costume for Serena's annual Christmas party for friends and their families.  The kids get her entire tree decorated while consuming a plateful of homemade cookies:

And here's sleepy Oscar in his "I'm tough"  Darth Vader doggie sweater:

As for my doggies----Border Collie mix Katy and Blue Tick Coon Hound mix Max----there's no way an outfit or hat would stay on either of them.  Katy would be appalled.  Then, she'd knock it off, even if it was tied, because she's super smart and would use her paws to untie the bonnet.  And crazy hound dog Max would eat any sweater I put on him.  Really.  Max is a lean mean running machine with a smooth flat coat, and he would probably lie on the ground and wiggle and writhe until he removed the coat.  Then, he'd eat it.

But little doggies----well, they seem to know they're vulnerable to adult dress up routines, due to Doggie Cuteness.  Tell us-----have you ever dressed up your doggie(s)?   Share the photos with us, please.  :)

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