Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 26th - The Best Day of the Year

Today is the best day of the year!
It’s here at last. Boxing Day! December 26th is an official day off here in Canada, if you leave out parts of the retail sector. Depending on what you read, Boxing Day started out in England as the time, right after Christmas,  when the lord and lady of the manor would give Christmas boxes to their deserving servants. Or it may have originated from ‘alms’ boxes and giving to charity or it may have been the day that the well off ‘boxed up’ food for the needy.  

Today’s lord and lady of the manor have been working like canines (sorry you felines) to get ready for the holidays: gifts, baking, visiting and all that. If they are making charitable donations, most likely they will have made them before the holidays so that people in need will have something in time.

Don’t get me wrong: I love everything about the season, but I love December 26th best.. Up here, Boxing Day sales have been the equal of Black Friday.  But they could be paying me to take stuff away (even shoes) and I wouldn’t budge.

This is the day when there’s lots of food in the fridge. If you cooked a turkey, chances are there's lots left over  for sandwiches.

There are baked goods and wine and with luck there are chocolates.

Dogs - small or large may be waiting for you to settle down and cuddle on the sofa!

You have plenty of  books to read, music to listen to, and movies to watch. There are the familiar family jokes to be trotted out and the recap of whatever drama happened on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There are post-Christmas naps to take. There could even be conversations that don’t revolve around rushing about or getting things done or what is left to do. There is relaxing to be managed. There’s lots of leftover love and goodwill toward all.

But the big thing is that it’s all over. Everything’s done that’s getting done until next year.  I have my book picked out and my sofa selected.
We’re having a wonderful Boxing Day and I hope you are too!
Enjoy your books and treats and pets and favorite reading spots.
Much love to all you readers!
MJ and Daisy and Lily
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