Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas On the Road

by Leann

When I was a kid and lived near LOTS of relatives, we would make the
rounds and visit everyone on both Christmas Eve and again on Christmas. Presents were modest but card games and jigsaw puzzles and singing were plentiful. Though I have plenty of unpleasant memories, I am trying to focus on the positive. (My mother was an alcoholic, and for children of alcoholics the holidays often bring back pain.) But not this year!

I have a great crew of cousins (yes, that picture is of me, my brother the redhead and several of my cousins--but nowhere near all of them). We are all pretty close in age. And we had the same wicked
sense of humor that my dad's family possessed. There were a lot of laughs. And the penny poker games were great. A couple of us were always chasing my grandparents' cat Inky. He didn't like kids much and I usually came home with plenty of scratches. Didn't matter! My love for animals goes way back and it was a great part of the celebration--a celebration mostly filled with laughter.

Decades followed where we have done very little traveling at Christmas. Last year, with the arrival of a new granddaughter, we took a long plane ride to Seattle. It was worth the looooooong trip. With traveling more than 2 hours to the airport, the delays, the 6 hour plane trip, getting the rental car and then driving to my sister's place, we put in an 18 hour travel day. That's like going to Australia. Well, almost. But wonderful memories were made.

This year, because our house isn't finished and I wouldn't invite anyone to this rental house EVER, my daughter suggested they could drive down from NYC and we could meet somewhere in between and stay at a house--the kind people rent out by the night. She did all the work and that's what we're doing. A nice drive with all the pets included. I am so looking forward to it!

What about you? Travel plans? Staying home? Memories of travels and celebrations in the past? Tell me about it. Memories are so important!
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