Tuesday, December 3, 2013

All in a Day at NASA

by Maggie Sefton

Apologies for the tardy Tuesday morning post, folks.  It was an early and a very busy travel day yesterday and I confess----I fell asleep early last night & didn't post.  Mea culpa.  But I hope these photos I took while visiting daughter Serena (who's doctor of Internal Medicine and a NASA astronaut).

She invited several of her close friends on Thanksgiving week to bring their kids and watch one of her regular EVA "training sessions" in the Neutral Buoyancy Training pool at NASA in Johnson Space Center in Texas.

Photos of pool and Serena suited up for the dive.  Same type of suit that's used in space for EVA.

She and another astronaut go down deep enough to reach the atmospheric pressure that mimics weightlessness in space.  EVA (Extracurricular Vehicle Activity) occurs in space when the astronauts have to go outside of the International Space Station to do repair work or to haul in
cargo brought up on cargo flights, like the ones delivered by SpaceX  Dragon rockets lately.

Each astronaut has two experienced divers floating near them while the perform various tasks on the underwater replicas of the Space Station.  Also they lower them into pool with that lift device.  It's totally


Teachgiftedkids said...

What a wonderful visit. And your daughter is amazing. You're so lucky for this special experience.

Maggie Sefton said...

Thank you. I think so, too. :)

Rosemary Harris said...

Holy cow...your daughter's an astronaut??? That's fantastic. you must be incredibly proud - I am (of her) and I don't even know her! Wow. Has she seen Gravity? What did she think?

Aurian said...

Very cool post, thanks for sharing Maggie! I do wonder, what does that suit weigh in normal air?