Monday, November 25, 2013

The Power of Positive Clinking

by Kate Collins

This Thanksgiving I'm declaring my house a Positive Clinking Zone. Hopefully, this "zone" will be so well received by my family that, besides the applause, the accolades, and the admiration they are bound to heap on my humble yet strong shoulders, it will become a new tradition.

What is this so-called zone? Funny you should ask.

But first, let me backtrack.

For the past several months I've been reading about the Law of Attraction and other laws of quantum physics that directly impact the quality of our lives. I even wrote a blog about how showing appreciation, and giving thanks for things we love, enjoy, and feel blessed about brings forth more of the same.

So being the hostess/chef/chief bottle washer, I decided that this year at our big Thanksgiving dinner, after the prayer but before anyone dives into the food, we will go around the table and clink glasses, and for every clink, a person will state one thing s/he is grateful for. I'm thinking two rounds will be adequate, but if it turns out to be the rewarding experience I think it will be, who knows how many rounds?

Okay, realistically, I'm thinking just two or the crowd will turn mutinous. And if that were to happen, I'd have to change the blog title to Mutiny in the County.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

Do you have any similar traditions?


Aurian said...

Lol as long as the food doesn't get cold while you are all clinking away. How many people will there be at dinner? And you could have another round or 2 before desert.

Kate Collins said...

Good idea, Aurian! My family will be smaller this year, with only 9 of us.

JeannieD. said...

Lol, that is funny. I want my grandchildren to grow up thankful, so this year I was going to let everyone at the table say one thing they are thankful for before we eat. Now, I am pretty sure with all my little boys 2-10 the one thing they will be most thankful for will be the food! Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Jane Maffini said...

Lovely idea, Kate! I think I will put it in practice next year at Canadian Thanksgiving. But even more, as a philosophy of life, it's very appealing. Thank you for sharing it.

Unknown said...

How about doing the clink before the food is brought out? I cannot stand cold/ lukewarm food.

Kate Collins said...

Good point, Debra. Or use food warmers if serving buffet style, as my family does.

Unknown said...

What kind of food warmers? The ones with the sterno or candles?