Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Hair Experiment

**Warning ... totally girly post ahead **

Okay, so after my last (so-so) hair appointment in June, I decided two things. One was to grow my hair out (again), because for some reason my stylist added layers when I hadn't asked for them. It had taken FOREVER to get my hair all one length so I was not happy when I realized what she’d done. It didn't look bad, it just wasn't what I’d wanted. The second was that after looking at the painful cost of professional hair coloring I'd see if I could tolerate my grays (Mr. W says they're “silver” – he’s kind like that) and attempt the whole “grow old gracefully” thing.

So my hair – and the grays – have been growing out since then. Five months.

At first it wasn't so bad. Then it was tolerable. Then the grays started sticking straight out of my head, taunting me (nah, nah, boo boo), the buggers. Suddenly I began thinking about buying some Clairol but was too afraid I’d mess it up and turn my hair orange and it would all fall out. I sucked it up. Then my bangs started driving me nuts (the urge to cut them strong, but I fought it off). Then this week... I woke up Monday morning, looked in the mirror, saw the mocking grays, the out-of-control bangs and immediately ran to the phone to call for a hair cut and color appointment. I'd had enough.

Maybe I’ll try the growing old gracefully thing again later. When I’m older. Much older.

How about you? Do you color? And if you've grown out your silvers, how long does it take for them to look “normal” and not like you haven’t gotten your hair done in a while???

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