Sunday, November 3, 2013

No Yellow

by Leann

It is time to choose my color palette for the new house. Part of this has been done already as I chose cabinet stain and quartz countertops already. Since there is quartz in the kitchen, laundry room and two bathrooms, I had to chose carefully. Taupe, brown, gray, cream and a hint of silver will determine the walls.

But while I was sitting in the eye doctor's waiting room this past week, with it's over-powering yellow walls, I know what color will
be avoided: yellow. I began to think about my aversion to yellow and came up with plenty of reasons. (And by the way, if you look in my closet and drawers--no yellow. Not one shirt or blouse. None.)

Before I was a writer, I was a nurse--for many years. Twenty of them were spent staring at yellow walls--pale, mustardy, depressingly bleak walls. I hated that color more and more as the years progressed. But it's not just that. When I put yellow next to my skin, I look like death warmed over. It's just not for me. I am no "fashionista." I pretty much wear jeans and T-shirts or flannel shirts all the time. But I am amazed how, during the few visits I make to a department store, I just push past yellow anything. It's embedded in my subconscious, I believe.

Unfortunately, this rental house has, you guessed it, pale, mustardy,
depressingly bleak yellow walls. Color does affect the psyche and prolonged exposure to a hated color has to have a negative effect. Cannot wait to get out!

What about you? Are there certain colors that make you feel good (I love coral and rose and burgundy)? Or colors that just make you want to puke? I'd love to hear if I have kindred spirits out there!

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