Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Fall Season TV Shows

by Maggie Sefton

Well. . .I can't admit I've seen all the new TV shows that premiered this season, but I've caught a few.  I missed the first episodes of some of them so, I'll keep my comments short:

THE BLACKLIST----I think this is far and away the VERY BEST new TV  drama of the new season.  It's an espionage thriller and the actors are excellent.  The plotting is waaaaaaaay better than anything seen on TV or in most movies, frankly.  Filled with puzzles and characters who are not what or who they seem to be.  A conflicted female FBI agent lead character is forced to work with a notorious international criminal.  Their relationship has hidden depths that beg to be explored.  I trust future episodes will do just that.

REVOLUTION---I missed the first three episodes so I'm definitely clueless about exactly what happened to the globe and/or the U.S. to have created such chaos and destruction---as well as the complete separation into different geographical "bases" around the country.  It's an intriguing concept, so I'll give it a while longer to grab me.  The acting is good, and I recognize several actors/actresses I've in earlier programs.

UNDER THE DOME---This series debuted during the Summer and had a dramatic/traumatic episode as the Season One finale.  The concept is intriguing, sort of low-key sci fi.  Even thought the idea of an impenetrable clear dome descending and capturing a whole small town inside is a little weird, the actors make it believable.  So, I'll stay tuned for Season Two.

Again, some of my favorites have returned:  PERSON OF INTEREST,  ELEMENTARY,  and  REVENGE.  Of those, I still believe Person of Interest is the best.  I'm curious what everyone else thinks.  What are your favorite Fall TV shows?  
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