Sunday, November 17, 2013

Monday Morning Limericks

 By Kate Collins

There I was, all poised to spend my entire Sunday afternoon catching up on the pages that I should have written a month ago, when a severe storm hit and knocked out the electricity. After watching the winter cover being ripped off the wrought iron table in my courtyard, and my patio furniture being tossed about, I tried to divert my attention from the fierce winds and pelting rain by catching up on my book club selection, another thing on which I’m behind.

After two hours of that, I mopped the floor, paid bills, signed the covers on the advanced copies of THROW IN THE TROWEL, got them ready for mailing, and then looked around for something else that needed to be done.

Oh, right. My blog for Monday. But with the computer down, all I could do was fume – and I couldn’t even fume over a cup of soothing chamomile tea. But even fuming got old after awhile, so I decided to do something constructive – make fun of my situation.

So for your Monday morning reading pleasure, here are the results:

There once was a writer of cozies
Whose sleuth, a florist, made pozies.
When the power went out
The writer, without doubt,
Was cold all the way to her toesies.

No coffee, no tea, no power
Makes this writer just a bit sour.
There’s a murderer to be caught
And justice to be brought
And all I can do is glower.

I hope that brightened your Monday. What do you do when your power goes out?
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