Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Genre Dreaming

by Hannah Reed/Deb Baker

I've always had wild and intense dreams. Rumor has it that we have between three and five dreams every night. I'm lucky (or unlucky, depending on the theme) if I remember one of them. Sometimes I wake up during a dream and that locks it in. Other times something triggers my recall later.

They usually aren't horrifying dreams, although I've had my share of those. Mostly I'm on adventures with friends I haven't seen in a while. It's one unique way to keep in contact. My dreams lean toward the thriller/suspense/mystery genre. Never, though, have I found inspiration in them for my writing.  Rats! I envy authors like Stephanie Meyer, who dreamed the subject of Twilight and crafted it into a runaway best seller. But I'm perfectly willing to keep trying until the special one arrives.

Recently, I read that eliminating eating in the last three hours before bed makes for a more restful sleep. Last night, I experimented. Sure enough, the one dream I remember involved painting a water color landscape. The only conflict that arose was when I had to decide which blue to use for the sky.

Yawn. Suffice it to say, I'm back to snacking at bedtime in anticipation of the next big blockbuster dream.

So what genre do you dream in the most? Romance? Horror? Mystery? Fantasy? Another?
Have you ever found inspiration within one of your dreams?


Aurian said...

I often don't have nice dreams, and I try not to eat at least 2 hours before bedtime. I have never found inspiration in any of them.

Diane said...

I dream a lot. If I wake up and think about the dream, I can remember it..Mostly I seem to dream about being at a shore or going places, and a lot of, now dead, relatives are with me. Also I seem to dream really funny things that I have to laugh at if I remember them..Now that I think about it.. I don't think I had a dream last night which is very unusual for me. I have a friend who says she never dreams. That I don't understand...I don't eat in the evening much so I don't think that is why I dream so much. Do you think that creative people dream more?

Deb said...

Good question, Diane. I was hoping to get a discussion going that might have pointed to creativity and am surprised that so few have responded. Perhaps you and I are the only ones who enjoy our dreams:)

Lover of Books said...

Only once has a dream turned into a story. I misplaced it though. LOL Other than that, nothing really happens in my dreams that I remember.

Heather said...

I go through regular vivid, active dream cycles, and can often remember bits and pieces of them. No particular genre(s), and I have written short stories based on some of them. And while they are really quite bizarre at times, I only remember having one night terror ever, despite some of the books read before bedtime.

Deb said...

Once is more than me. Haha. Someday it will turn up.

Deb said...

Inspirational, Heather. Last night I had a really creepy dream. Because of this post? Maybe.

Laura S Reading said...

I recently joined a Dream learning course where we pay more attention to our dreams and try to interpret them. Since joining I now do remember more of my dreams. They seem more vivid and I even want to say exciting or action packed.
I am finding more animals involved in my dreams, or did I not notice before.
Will I find a killer/winner plot? I had better start writing things down!
Can't count on my dream memory.

Madison Johns said...

As for me I had an afternoon dream that was so vivid and so horror. What I've taken from that was I began writing a paranormal mystery that hopefully I'll finish sometime next year. I certainly look for inspiration from my dreams when I can. Sometimes they help me figure out plot problems. I try to open up myself to possiblities.