Friday, November 22, 2013

Don't rush the season!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

I kid you not, I got my first 2013 Christmas magazine of the season in SEPTEMBER.  (What's with that?) Of course, I'd been hoarding my Halloween issues since July.  And the Thanksgiving ones came in August.

What is WRONG with magazine publishers?  When I'm boiling hot in the dog days of summer, I do not want to be reading about carving a turkey and pecan pie.  And when the last rose of summer is almost five weeks from fading, I do not want to read about Santa traversing my chimney.

As I said, this year I have put my magazines in a special (visible, so I don't lose them) place to wait until the season is right.  I'm not touching those Christmas issues until the day AFTER Thanksgiving.  Why rush the season?

However, I also have a treasure trove of old Christmas-issue magazines going back to the late 1990s (both US and UK) that I haul out every December and devour.  For the most part, I remember the articles, but some of them are new to me every year.

This year I'm determined NOT to rush the season.  I usually start listening to Christmas tunes on November first, but not this year.  (I waited until the 8th...okay, the weather got cold.) But otherwise, I'm postponing the Joyous Season for a few more weeks. After all, I'm all for having a green (as opposed to white) Christmas.  (I fell three years ago on a slippery step and it took me six months to recover from deep tissue bruises and a frozen shoulder, and I am not eager to repeat the event on snow.)

So bring on Christmas ... but not until after Thanksgiving.

Are you with me on this?
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