Thursday, October 17, 2013

What *to* Wear

by Julie

For years, the girls and I watched What Not To Wear on TLC. We even got Dad to watch a few episodes too. It's paid off -- there have been times when he's suggested a change based on Stacy London's or Clinton Kelly's advice. My husband not usually a wardrobe consultant, but he's occasionally remembered tidbits I'd forgotten.

Although we've all gotten a little tired of the show's formula -- find the victim/recipient, show her what's wrong, enlist her participation, watch her get frustrated, watch her cry, bring Clinton and Stacy in to save her from shopping mistakes, view her transformation -- we love hearing the advice and learning how to best dress different body shapes. It's good stuff.

A few months ago one of our daughters received this book as a gift:

I thought it would be a fun read, and I hoped to learn a few things.

Let me just say this: Wow!
Clinton Kelly's slim tome is packed full of great advice. I'll admit that I knew a lot of it from watching the show, but he gives specifics as in: how long jeans should be, how far a man's cuff should extend from his suit sleeve, and why wearing hooded sweatshirts may not be the best fashion choice (I'm guilty of that one).

Be warned, however. This book, while funny, is irreverent. It boldly and unrepentantly makes fun of people who dress in a non-Clinton approved manner. He puts his opinion out there, unvarnished, clear, concise.

It's a quick read, and I'm currently going through it a second time. I've also taken some of his advice and decided to find a tailor. Tweaking my clothes to fit me will make a huge difference. I can sense that already. The only hard part is finding a tailor willing to do the work. I tried a local tailor at the mall and she told me that my changes weren't worth her time. Fine. I'll find someone else.

I really love new clothes. More than that, I love clothes that fit and make me look like I haven't just tumbled out of bed.

Have you ever watched What Not To Wear? Have you ever taken away information from them and used it?

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