Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

by Julie

Today is October 31st which, for many who celebrate, is Hallowe'en. It's been a few years since my kids trick-or-treated, but we have fond memories of those days. My husband used to come home early from work to take the girls out door-to-door with their friends, while I stayed home to man the front door and hand out treats. Today I'm usually home alone on Halloween and starting at around 3:00 in the afternoon, the doorbell never stops. Needless to say, I get very little work done that day!

I decided to pull out a few photos from when the kids were younger and share them here today.
Ah, the good old days!

Even Dad dressed up a few times!

Our daughters and our best friends' daughters hanging out with the pumpkins, some years ago.

Daughters #1 and 2 are above left, with Daughter #1 in the dress I refitted from Dad's costume (top). All three girls are above right. Notice how we cleverly recycled the bunny costume, too. Our youngest was not impressed :)

This was our youngest's favorite costume (or at least as much as I can find of it right now).
She was Super Crustacean that year. And won first prize in a costume contest!

What are some of your favorite Halloween memories?


Rachelle21 said...

In the city there are lots of houses on one block. Here in the country, cars are used more than walking. Trick or Treat days and hours are set by the town. Usually, only 2 hours.

Julie Hyzy said...

We have about three and a half hours set aside for Trick-or-Treating. In fact, time is just about up. Ten more minutes or so.