Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm Okay With Halloween, But ...

by Leann

I love kids. I did work in an elementary school for 20 years, so that's proof. And I always enjoyed Halloween as a kid and even as an adult. Until along came Rosie, the brilliant little dog who has a very, shall we call it, energetic personality.

In our Texas home, we rarely had trick or treaters, so it wasn't a huge
problem that Rosie is a barker. I never wanted to curb that behavior because before my husband retired, I was
alone for 10-12 hours a day. I wanted her to warn me if people were near the house. She goes nuts when someone rings the doorbell or knocks. You see where this is going?

Then along came Marlowe. He has epilepsy and when he is startled, he tends to zone out and sometimes even has a seizure. He also is very attached to me and when I leave, he gets a little freaked out. He's not big on surprise. Is the picture becoming more clear?

The neighborhood where we are renting while our house is being built has plenty of kids. Last year, we didn't have Marlowe. We took Rosie to our friends' house and stayed until 10 PM. Halloween wasn't a problem.  But this year, our friends have added a wonderful rescue bulldog to their family. And that dog loves people, but is not fond of other dogs. We can't bail on Halloween this time and go there.

I am throwing it out to you, friends. What do I do with a dog who goes bonkers when people knock on the door and a cat who has his own special set of issues? I've been worrying about this for a week. My only solution is to have my husband hold the dog all evening and me answer the door with my kitty in my arms. Halloween is not a pet-friendly holiday, I'm sorry to say. All suggestion would be much appreciated!
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