Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'm Gonna Do Some Shooting

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

I'm feeling a bit ornery today, because my shooting has been terrible! No, not that kind. I kill people for a living, remember? Every day I get to pick my weapon of choice and employ it:)

But unlike Grams in my beekeeping mysteries - that dear sweetie who works miracles with her point and shoot - my camera sucks.

Just let that duck out on the river do a little paddling while I'm clicking, and I have blur. Zoom in? Fergetaboutit.

Yes, it's time to open the pocketbook and spend some bills for a decent camera. One that takes superduper pictures in spite of me. A camera with a zoom lens so I can see the nose hairs on a tail without him spotting me.

There is so much out there - Leica, Sony, Nikon, Canon, Samsung, Panasonic...... I'm sorta leaning toward a Canon.

Any suggestions?
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