Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gone Cruising

by Maggie Sefton

News:  My previously-published Historical Romance ABILENE GAMBLER has a Helpful Holiday price drop to $3.99!  :)  It's available as an Ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.com, which distributes to Apple, Kobo, and Sony.  Check website for plot details.

Today, October 29th, I'll drive away from the river house in the Northern Neck
of Virginia and head back to Northern VA and Dulles airport.  There, I'll return the rental car and join the travelers going through airport security.  My Icelandair flight will leave that evening and skip across the North Atlantic to Reykivick, Iceland (where I'll take a look outside if there's time), then the last leg of the flight will take me to Rome, Italy.  I'll arrive the next day, October 30th afternoon and probably have just enough energy left to go to my hotel, have a nice dinner, then fall sound asleep.  The next morning, October 31st, I'll take a hotel shuttle or taxi to the Port of Embarkation for Cruise ships.  I'll board the Holland America Line's NOORDAM for a 15-day voyage across the Atlantic.  There will be three little day trips in Spain and Portugal, but then the ship heads for Open Water.  Yay!   Straight across the Atlantic to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Then, I'll fly home to Colorado.

I'm looking forward to those days at sea for relaxation and uninterrupted writing time.  I have some story ideas that I haven't been able to take time to write, and this sea voyage will be perfect.  Cozy Chick Lorraine Bartlett/Lorna Barrett gave us all the idea when she shared her plans to start an entirely new novel on  a  long cruise two years ago.  I'll update everyone on the trip when I return.  I've already written posts for those first two Tuesdays in November while I'm gone and away from the Internet.

I hope everyone has a fun, happy Halloween with black cats, spooky trick-or-treaters, and lots and lots of candy.   Enjoy this beautiful Fall.    :)
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