Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Do Avid Readers Have More Neck Wrinkles Than Non-readers?

By Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

While taking care of my mother after she broke her ankle, I had time to wonder about things I
normally don’t have time for (Probably that is a good thing).

One of them involved my neck. You see, it is really getting wrinkled well before my face, making me more conscious of how I hold my head. I’m pretty sure reading is to blame.

Try it yourself. Put your head in your normal reading position. Do you feel that? Neck crinkles. They will become neck wrinkles in no time. But what to do about it? Certainly not abstain! Heavens, no!

I’ll take my chicken neck, because the alternative is just too awful. How about you? Are you getting a chicken neck?
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