Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bugged Out

Have you heard about the stink bug invasion? It’s all over the news. The media has picked up on this creepy-crawly assault, and is spreading the word of it far and wide.

Ordinarily, I’d roll my eyes at such an over-hyped news piece, but this week I've had the (dis)pleasure of being up close and personal to these little critters, and I’m ready to believe the press.
Ew, ew, and more ew.
Every last stinking bit of it.

Okay, so my house isn't really under a full-fledged attack. Not yet at least, but I've seen more stink bugs in the past week than I ever have before in my whole life. They try to blend in with their speckled little camouflaged bodies, but they stick out on the light garage walls. I had to “relocate” three of them just today. Trust me, you don’t want to squish them (they have the name "stink bug" for a reason).

The most popular way to get rid of the bugs is to vacuum them up and relocate them, and the other idea I've seen mentioned a couple of times is using a mixture of Dawn and water to spray on them—it suffocates the little suckers or something (but can apparently be messy). Not much else works (that I know of--do you have ideas?).

For now I'm okay with relocating the buggers and not issuing death sentences. But all bets are off if they start migrating into the house.

Have stink bugs invaded your area?
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