Friday, October 25, 2013

Bangles and Beads!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

I grew up a tomboy.  I still had Barbies and other dolls, and fell in love with various pop stars, but as I became a tween and then a teen, I just wasn't interested in clothes, make-up, and jewelry.  For a while I made beaded necklaces, but I was never really interested in "real" jewelry.

The exception was rings.  My Dad was a true craftsman and he went through various phases, including a jewelry-making phase.  He even took classes at our local Memorial Art Gallery, making pendants, bracelets, and rings (including techniques like the lost-wax process).  I was drawn to the rings he made.  At one time, I wore about ten or more of the silver (or stainless steel) rings he made, but silver is soft and some of the braided ones broke after a few years.  I currently wear 13 rings (no, I'm not superstitious), and six of them are rings my Dad made.

In the last couple of years, I've gotten more into wearing jewelry, especially bracelets.  I have three or four bracelets Dad made, but I've collected a LOT more--and I wear them, even on days when I'm wearing just sweats around the house.  (Did I mention I also now wear nail polish, too?)  Why?  I just like to.  It's fun.  It feels nice, and who doesn't like to feel nice?

What do you do for yourself that just feels nice?


Rachelle21 said...

I go and take a nap when I need one.

Aurian said...

How fun to have things your dad made. I did go through a phase a few years ago where I wore a lot of rings and necklaces. But that has passed, and now I wear nothing at all. A necklace gets in the way of my safetybelt when driving.

Nancy said...

I'm thinking hard, but nothing occurs to me. I should! Maybe I'll buy some purple nail polish. You inspire me.

Vicki said...

Lots of nail polish, well not lots at once on my fingernails. But I do have lots of different colors. Though I do tend to do rainbow effects on my toes because I see them even if no one else does. I call them Happy Toes because they make ME happy to look at them.

ceblain said...

I love to do beading, but with some physical limitations, I have been doing mostly memory wire beaded bracelets and simple leather corded pendants that I just put clasps on and attach a pendant. I love doing the designing of the bracelet strands (usually three to five per bracelet) and have one to match just about every clothing combination that I can come up with. :) I also love to paint my nails to match outfits too. I try to wear a variety of outfits of one color for three or so days so that I don't have to change the polish every day. Painted nails make everyone's hands look nicer and if there is any chance of painted nails making me look or feel younger, then I definitely will keep up with them. :)
Cynthia <3

Unknown said...

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