Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Killer Reno With E.J. Copperman

By Ellery Adams

Last month's "Guess Which Character I Kill Off" Contest was such a hit that I decided to run another contest. 

This time, however, I'm shining the spotlight on a fantastic cozy mystery series penned by my dear friend, E.J. Copperman.

What? You don't have a poster of him hanging on the back of your bedroom door? You have't left him rave reviews on Amazon or ordered a dozen copies of his November 5th release to freely hand out to all your friends and relatives?

Never fear. There's still plenty of time to make amends. 

Here's the 411 on THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT:

Alison Kerby’s guesthouse is already crowded with spirits. The last thing she needs is a whole new batch of haunts settling in. 

As Alison’s reputation as “the ghost lady” grows, so does her business—and not always in a way she’d like. Tourists may be flocking to her guesthouse for a chance to glimpse her resident spirits, but her special abilities are also bringing unwanted private investigation cases to her door. And she has no choice but to take a case when the local homeless man is found murdered under mysterious circumstances, just hours after asking for help in exorcising a specter.
If that weren’t enough to deal with, Alison’s other PI case soon turns fatal, as the mistress she was spying on for a jealous wife turns up dead as well. The cases seem like they couldn’t possibly be linked, but with a mountain of clues, motives and suspects—both living and dead—Alison will have to think fast before someone else checks out for good…

Now tell me that blurb hasn't gotten your attention? If so, kindly click a link to preorder (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository)And while you're here, why not enter the contest? E.J.'s question is listed below. Post your best guess in the comment section and we'll draw a name from the correct replies. The winner gets a $25 ecard to the book store of his or her choice and will notified by Nov. 2nd. Good luck and Happy Haunting!

Contest Question: In The Thrill of the Haunt, Alison has decided to renovate what was her game room (pool table, cooler, that's about it) for another purpose. What do you think it'll become?

If you haven't read the Haunted Guesthouse mysteries in order, here's a look at how the whole series gets started. For more info, drop by 

In The Haunted Guesthouse mysteries, Alison Kerby buys a huge Victorian on the Jersey Shore to renovate into a guesthouse. Not long off a divorce, Alison is hoping she and her nine-year-old daughter Melissa can find a fresh start in the town where Alison grew up.

But she has a problem. Two problems. Their names are Paul and Maxie, and they’re ghosts. In adventure after adventure, Paul and (let’s face it, especially) Maxie cause some trouble and get Alison into some tight situations. But they’re loyal and brave, and they’re always there to help out when she finds danger. Well, most of the time. If it’s in the guesthouse. Usually…

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