Sunday, September 22, 2013

When Yogurt Attacks!

by Leann

Who knew yogurt could make you sick? I mean, it's my go-to food for protein since I have many, many, too numerous it would bore you to tears problems with food. If it's not a migraine causer, it's a gut wrencher (and I mean that literally).

But every morning I start my day with a cup of yogurt--until recently. In the middle of my deadline, the worst time EVER to get sick, I found myself awakened in the night feeling like I was about to lose my cookies. Even when I have gut problems, I hardly ever feel nauseous. But I was that night. And for the next week I spent my time running between the couch and the bathroom.

Then I read that people were reporting problems to the FDA concerning a certain brand of yogurt. Hmm. The very yogurt I'd been eating everyday.
Surely that couldn't be what was making ME sick. I've never been the victim of a product that ended up on a recall list. But then, the day after the first article about the yogurt, they did do a recall and there was a link to the lot numbers affected with MOLD. I ran to my fridge and I had FIVE containers of yogurt with those numbers. And no doubt I had eaten several before I became ill. Out they went.

After a week of sickness I finally was well enough to start working on my book again and I needed to make a trip to the grocery store. I didn't feel like eating yet, but my husband and the pets sure did! I knew those yogurt lot numbers by heart and some were STILL on the shelf. And the reaction I got when I reported it to the clerk was a shoulder shrug--as if to say "So what?"

I was reminded again that if it's not you being affected, then it's really no big deal. No one died, right? But I keep thinking that lots of moms feed yogurt to their little ones. How would this affect toddlers if it took me a full week to recover? All I know is that from now on, ANY food that is recalled will be on my radar. Unfortunately the brand of yogurt I'd loved so much makes me sick to look at now. I probably won't ever eat it again. Thank goodness a new grocery store is being built in town--one with lots of organic options and great produce. I won't have to travel an hour to get to a decent store--and maybe the people they hire will actually care if there's a recalled item on their shelf.

Anyone else have a run-in with a recalled food--or even this very yogurt I've been talking about?
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