Saturday, September 21, 2013

When Nature Attacks

So there I was sitting on the deck, peacefully minding my own business and drinking my coffee. The morning was chilly while sunbeams tried to poke through thick haze. I was cozy warm from being wrapped in my robe and the heat of the coffee.

Birds chattered. Squirrels bounced from tree to tree. Geese squawked as they flew overhead. The sound of water burbled in the distance.
The scene of the crime.

Mr. W and I talked about how peaceful it was being surrounded by nature, and how glad we were that we had taken a big leap of faith to move here.

Then it happened. Nature attacked.

Something landed on my neck.

Gone was that peaceful feeling as I Freaked Out, trying to swat whatever it was away, forgetting all about the coffee in my hand, which now covered my white robe and a good portion of the deck.

I could barely register Mr. W’s words – something about a tree.



It had been just a leaf, fluttering down, that happened to land on me.

Perhaps I needn't have freaked out quite so much, after all. Huh. Live and learn and don’t cry over spilled coffee, right? (Except it was really good coffee.)

We had quite the laugh over it, but secretly I think that if it happens again...I’d react the same way. Don’t tell, okay, but sometimes the nature I love so much freaks me out. Especially when it attacks.

Have you had a harmless encounter with nature lately? 


Unknown said...

Sneaky nature.

Heather Blake Webber said...

Seriously, Kaye. :)

Unknown said...

Been there! I was sweeping my back porch and something fell on my neck and slid under my shirt. Good thing I had my swim suit top on under my shirt or people driving by would have got a good show when I whipped off my shirt!

Unknown said...

Forgot to mention it was one of the pesky leaves I was sweeping off my porch. The tree attacks must be on the rise. LOL

Anonymous said...

I have long curly hair; Stink Bugs and Junebugs LOVE it!


Laineshots said...

If something I haven't been introduced to and can't see brushes my neck, I AM going to freak out! Your behavior was entirely appropriate.

Heather Blake Webber said...

LOL! I totally understand whipping off the shirt. :)

Heather Blake Webber said...


Heather Blake Webber said...

Laine, we can freak out together.

Unknown said...

I also love nature, and try not to harm anything when outside. [Inside is somewhat different.] One day I was pulling weeds and thought there was some old cotton from our cottonwood tree stuck on a hosta leaf. I pulled it off and a very large and furry spider came out. The "cotton" was really an egg case with multiple little spider babies. I definitely freaked out, but felt a bit guilty that I had destroyed all those babies. It reminded me again that I should always wear gloves when working outside.

Heather Blake Webber said...

Oh my gosh, Mary Ann! I'd have freaked out for sure. And I almost always wear gloves outside, even for the simplest chore. I'm a wuss.

Aurian said...

O my god, I can so relate to that Heather. Nature is lovely, from a distance. A few months earlier, my boyfriend and me were driving with the windows open, when suddenly there was a spider on my bare for arm. I screamed my head of, which I always do when encoutering a spider, so my boyfriend freaked out from me. Luckily we were standing still before a traffic lights, but he was very angry with me, as it could have caused an accident of course. But I just can't change my reaction to spiders.