Thursday, September 26, 2013

TP Season!

By Julie

Last weekend was Homecoming for the local high school. That means hearing the marching band's drums from our yard, seeing lots of beautiful young people posing for pictures on their family's front lawns, and ... most of all ... it means that it's TP Season in our neighborhood once again!

Back when our girls were in high school, we rarely went a weekend in the fall without getting TP'd. It's a rite of passage, at least around here. To be honest, I think the decorated trees are kinda pretty. I've seen some great efforts, some lesser ones. My favorite time was when we woke up to our first white wonderland. Not only that, but the perpetrators had made a pyramid out of our patio set out on our front lawn. Back then, we had our beloved lab, K'Ehleyr. She'd started barking late that night and what did we do? We shushed her. LOL Little did we know!

Anyway, our girls are past high school, so we no longer get TP'd. But, like noticing school supplies in stores, the sight of those soft strings waving in the wind brings back happy memories. Good times.

Did you ever TP a house? Did you get caught? (One of our kids did. And the mom who caught her and her friends brought pop and snacks out for them to enjoy when they were finished. Gosh, I love this neighborhood!)


Kristin A. said...

Growing up (I'm in my early 30s) I never TP'ed nor did our house ever get TP'ed. I love hearing about it being such a fun gesture and prank instead of a cruel one. I guess I always thought someone would do that to be mean, not just for some laughs (for both parties). How cool. Love that the one mom brought out snacks. Way too cute!

Heather said...

Never TP'd, nor was I TP'd, but...some of my sister's friends did "shaving cream" the back porch and sidewalk once for her birthday. I think Mom thought it was funny only because she knew who did it.

Suzanne said...

The high school I went to had a large tree in front of the school. On the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving (pep rally at school on Wednesday, big game on Thanksgiving with cross town rival), some in the senior class would have a party and at around 11:00-11:30 everyone would head to the school. The local cops were there and they had their lights aimed at the tree and then the kids toilet papered it. Our year they also broke a window on the second floor. Not sure what they do now as they don't use as much TP as we did back 30 years.

Shel said...

I probably should not admit this, but I never TP'd a house til I was well past high school - in my 30's, in fact. Me and a bunch of the "ladies" of the church TP'd the pastor's house...*grin*.

Aurian said...

This is fun! Not something done here in Holland though, but I guess the evidence is not easily cleaned up or rained away completely.