Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Into the Woods and Near the River

by Maggie Sefton

This photo shows the Potomac River near the mouth, where it empties into the 
Chesapeake Bay.

Right now, I'm no longer in Northern VA.  Monday of last week, I drove down into what 's referred to as the Northern Neck of Virginia.  When you look at a map of Virginia, it's the section of land that sticks out into the Potomac River.  The Potomac is wider at that point as it winds down to empty into the Chesapeake Bay. That section of land which extends is called the Northern Neck.  I'm staying at a really pretty house/cottage surrounded by woods on all sides and two blocks from the Potomac. I'm relaxing and burrowing into my revisions for the 3rd in the Molly Malone trilogy which will be out September of next year.  I promised my editor I would get this manuscript to her by the end of the month.  This July disappeared in conference travel and August was eaten up by all sorts of non-writing related and VERY time consuming business matters.  Life happens, as they say.

I'm told there's a large herd of deer that live in the woods bordering the property.  And a family of bald eagles live at the top of a tall tree in the woods across from the property.  I've already spotted several of the eagles soaring overhead.   All sorts of cranes, too, since we're SO close to  big, fast-moving water---i.e.  the Potomac---as well as numerous lakes and ponds.  I startled a beautiful Blue Heron as I drove down the wooded road to the area.  Lots of wildlife around, so you have to be careful along those wooded roads.  Deer can jump out.  Same thing happens in Colorado.  

I've been sitting outside on the wide decks and the yard and working----while I watch the wildlife.  :)  I was delighted to hear all sorts of birds singing and chirping early in the morning, in a tree right beside the deck.  My favorite bright red Cardinals (Virginia State Bird) and I swear I saw an Oriole, yellow and black, singing away.  Brought me back to my childhood.     I've also met several of the neighbors who live along the block beside the river, as well as my super-helpful and friendly neighbors across the wide grassy yards, Gloria & Ray.  Lots more yard to mow.  :)

Have you taken a "restful" vacation or retreat lately?  Where did you go?  Birds?  Wildlife around?  :)
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