Sunday, September 29, 2013

FALL TV--What Do You Think?

by Leann

After learning that The Glades, a scripted cop show on A&E was canceled after airing a final episode with a HUGE cliffhanger (seriously A&E, what is WRONG with you?) I thought I was done with TV. But no. I am a TV junkie and I don't mind admitting it. I like books and TV and movies and songs because I love stories in any form.

I was happy to see many of my favorite shows return. But of course, two new shows I was hoping to watch are on at the same time as The Voice, which means no DVRing both of them. (I never miss a second of The Voice!) I watched Hostages and have recorded The Blacklist when NBC
gave it a rerun last night. Now I will probably have to choose. But honestly, Hostages didn't exactly make me want to return. I haven't watched The Blacklist yet, so it may end up being my choice.

But is this the year of opening episode cliffhangers or what? Castle did it (and though I consider Castle light and fun and usually has so-so writing, it was a great episode!) and then NCIS
had a cliffhanger, too! At least NCIS is wrapping up the storyline for Ziva, unlike those meanies at A&E who left viewers to make up their own resolution.

But one show still resonates with me, one I watched this summer on BBC America. It was Broadchurch, set in a small Irish coastal town. I absolutely loved it. The scenery was amazing
and the story complex. I hear there will be another season that it will be totally different. But I'd tune in just for the setting. I also loved Masterpiece Mystery's Silk and though my husband doesn't usually like the British stuff, even he was captured by it.

The Voice is as great as ever and I am glad it's back. Blue Bloods was also had a very well written opener. What about you? Even if you're not a TV fanatic like I am, what do you enjoy watching? And what will you miss?
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