Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chilly Weather

by Maggie Sefton

Coastal scene along the Chesapeake Bay on the way to Tangier Island   

Brrrrrr!  Looks like cooler weather has spread all over the country.  Chilly temps had come to Virginia before I left last Friday, and chilly temps greeted me when I arrived in Colorado.  Yesterday, Monday, morning I awoke to high winds which blew all morning after a rainy Sunday night.  Fall is definitely coming.   That's okay with me.  As much as I love Summer and warmer temps, I do love the changes Fall brings with the colors and the crisp smell of leaves in the air.  Now, I just have to finish wading through the pile of mail and other household demands that awaited my return before I can take some long walks on our trails and enjoy early Fall.

My 12-day escape to Virginia's Northern Neck near the Potomac River was full of surprises.  I thought I'd be working, working the entire time and maybe exploring the area a little.  Instead, I found myself joining with neighbors and others who live in the area for pot lucks and a day trip through the Chesapeake Bay to Tangier Island for a yummy family style seafood feast.   A lot of "Ex-Pats" from the hectic DC/NoVa area retire to the Northern Neck.  Plus, daughter Melissa came down from Manhattan to spend a couple of days with me.  She arrived by train at 8:30am one morning last week in nearby Fredericksburg, Virginia, and we spent the next few hours starting to explore Fredericksburg's  charming Old Town area.  Lots of Colonial buildings are still there and nicely preserved.  It reminds me a lot of Old Town Alexandria in Northern VA.  

Now that I've returned to Fort Collins and worked through that huge pile of mail waiting for me, I've started catching up with friends and neighbors here.  This morning I had coffee with a friend (long chatty coffee) and after errands I went next door to catch up with my neighbors.   Now. . .I have to get back to work on the revisions I was "supposed" to finish in Virginia.   I can't help myself.  I love visiting with people.  :)  

Are you someone who likes to visit with neighbors and friends regularly?   Or are you someone who likes to "escape" somewhere to be completely alone?



Jeannie D. said...

Your adventures sounds like so much fun, especially the seafood! I think I am a little bit of both. There are times when I really want to connect and other times that I want some solitude.Good luck with the revisions.

Maggie Sefton said...

Thanks, Jeannie D. :) Right now, I'm back in Colorado trying to catch up on all the mail and stuff that accumulated while I was gone.