Saturday, September 14, 2013

Celebrate Fall with Harry Potter's Butter Beer!

By Ellery Adams

Last year, we took a trip to Disney and Universal Studios. The highlight of our vacation was the Harry Potter ride (scary and wondrous at the same time) and our first heavenly taste of butter beer. I immediately bought souvenir cups in the hopes that I could replicate the buttery, sweet taste at home.

I tried several recipes, but they all fell short.

Many months later, I found the perfect recipe for this magical brew. I was so determined that this would be the one that I dashed out (not on my broom, alas) to buy a candy thermometer. And then I followed the recipe and served my drooling children two mugs of butter beer (click here to follow the link to the recipe as listed on

To celebrate fall and to give the trolls a pick-me-up following the start of school, I made butter beer. It was delicious and sweet enough to be served as a dessert. My only recommendation would be to halve the amount of whipped cream. We all thought it was too much and overshadowed the butterscotch flavor of the enchanted drink.

So here's to fall! Here's to magic! And here's to experimenting over your own cauldron! Cheers!

Have you ever cooked a recipe from a work of fiction? 

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Aurian said...

Lol it has rum in it, or did you substitute that for your children's benefit?
No I have never made anything from a book or tv recipe.