Thursday, September 12, 2013

And the logo-less winner is:

by Julie

Last week I talked about shopping for a new fall purse. I was lucky enough to have one of my daughters home to help me on my quest.

As I mentioned in the comments, I prefer solid color purses and the one I brought home is pictured below, next to my bright yellow summer purse.

I haven't transferred contents from the summer purse to the fall one, yet, but I plan to do that soon. It's  been super hot here and the yellow still feels appropriate.

Yep, the sage green purse is a little bigger than I'm used to. It's more a tote than a purse, wouldn't you say? We'll see how that goes. Up until now -- if you don't count the extra large briefcase-y looking things I haul around at conferences -- that yellow one was about the biggest I'd ever carried. There will be some adjustment ahead of me, I can tell. Like when my husband asks for his reading glasses at a restaurant and I have to pull a Mary Poppins dig to find them.

As to the brand -- I wound up with another Kelly & Katie. I really like their style and I love the fact that there's no logo. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

Now, I'd like to pose another question. I brought this purse home and realized, belatedly, that I'd recently purchased a patterned dress in that same shade of green. And then, a couple of days later, another dress I'd ordered arrived. Also that same shade of green.

This sort of thing has happened before. I get attracted to a certain color, or certain shade of color, and suddenly my wardrobe palette shifts. It always dawns on me after I've picked up a few pieces, never before. What's up with that? I was in a bright pink phase for the longest time and now I've started to gravitated toward grayed greens.

Does this happen to you?

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