Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Uncomplicating A Corded Life

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

I've been thinking a lot about all the electronic stuff we seem to accumulate, and I'm seriously going to try to uncomplicate my life. I have a desk top, laptop, tablet, and smart phone. All that stuff in the photo I used in the recent Unplugging post started me down this path, because I'm pretty sure I have all that junk (minus the watch).

The desk top is a Godsend since I spend so much time writing. It stays for sure. The smart phone could be dummied downed when my contract expires next year. Hope I'm strong enough to cut the cord when the time comes.

That brings me to a device to use during travel, something I can write on if necessary. The laptop is an older model and heavy to tote, but it's familiar to me. But what about the nice and light tablet? I have a Kindle Fire, the larger version, but it's still a shrimp compared to my others. Here it is with one of my coffee cups beside it for size comparison. I ordered this cool keyboard and it syncs nicely.

So I've been experimenting with it. Okay, to be honest, I just watched the Under the Dome pilot using Amazon Prime and I've played around with email. But I haven't attempted to actually work on a story with it. I think I need to upload the work-in-progress to google drive and work on it there, since the Fire doesn't support Word. That's tonight's assignment. If all goes well, the tablet will become my travel buddy and the laptop will be history.

Any tips, suggestions, observations? Which of your 'stuff' is your favorite?

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