Friday, August 30, 2013

The End?

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

There's something very sweet about writing "The End" at the end of a manuscript.

Okay, sometimes I write it and sometimes I don't.  I finished my latest book yesterday (well, 2nd draft) and it felt like I should have written THE END. The ending seemed to have taken about a month to write. And for me this book was written quite fast. Most of it was written during July and August.

So when I got to the end of July I kept thinking, "I'm only a few chapters away from the end."  Those few chapters turned out to be about EIGHT chapters from the end.  It was like the Energizer Bunny ... it kept going and going and going and going.

So now that I'm finished (but not finished, FINISHED--I'll be polishing it for the next few weeks) I kind of feel ... lost.  What will I do if I'm not writing these characters?  I love them so much and they have more adventures in them, but now it's time to move on to the next project and leave them behind.


The thing is, I've got loads of ideas for stories (not necessarily full-length books), and not enough time to write them all, which makes me sad (and feel impatient). So I guess I won't say "The End" for now, but only ...

Dark Waters, Jeff Resnick Mystery #6,  will debut on October 1st.
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Shirley said...

I'm happy and a little sad when I finish a quilt. So, I start another one right away.

Adrienne said...

I can't imagine how you writers can bear all the ideas in your heads all the time. Can you ever really rest? Or do you jump out of bed, for example, to write an outline of yet another story? I am in awe of you and your talents and wish you well as you "continue" to the end! Meanwhile, I've pre-ordered Dark Waters and anxiously await its arrival.
Have a good holiday weekend (if indeed you take any holidays!)
Adrienne in Minnesota :-)

Adrienne said...

Shirley, I'm a quilter as well and sometimes I am very reluctant to part with my finished quilt. We put so much time and energy and love into every stitch! I have learned, however, to gift quilts only to those who appreciate what goes into making one :-)
I can see a little of what a writer must feel when saying "The End" given the time, love,
attention, and hard work they've put into a book!

Aurian said...

But switching between stories and characters must be fun, and keep it from going stale. So you know you will come back to Jeff, and write some more Kate first.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ordering Dark Waters. Yup, sometimes I feel like my brain will explode because I have so many ideas, and not enough time to write them all. I feel like a slacker inbetween books, but when I sit back and count -- I'll have had FOUR novels published this year: (One Hot Murder, Tales of Telenia: JOURNEY, Not the Killing Type, and Dark Waters, plus two short stories.) No wonder I'm mentally pooped!

Anonymous said...

And a bunch of NEW characters are already bugging me to write their stories!