Monday, August 26, 2013

Proof of Heaven

by Kate Collins

Many of you know that my husband passed away nearly three years ago suddenly and tragically, sending me into a tailspin of grief and shock. Those who have followed my posts know that I received signs almost immediately that he is around me, signs I still receive daily. So my interest in the afterlife is very intense. I've read many books on the subject, so recently, on a road trip, I listened to the audio book of PROOF OF HEAVEN: A NEUROSURGEON'S JOURNEY INTO THE AFTERLIFE, by Eben Alexander.

What a fascinating story! A renown, preeminent neurosurgeon, a man of science who believed science held all the answers, who doubted the existence of God, tells such a compelling story about his near death experience that my hours on the road flew by. I highly recommend this book.

But what I found disturbing is that so many doctors and other scientific minded people cannot fathom that there can be more to life than just this life! Even with uncontroversial proof, many doubt it. How closed-minded of them.

If you've lost a loved one, as most of us have, I urge you to read this. It's so amazing and unbelievably comforting to know that we survive. Not only survive, but thrive!

If you do read it, or listen to it, drop me a comment on Facebook and let me know what you think.

Happy reading!

p.s. Another bit of news you may have heard: SEED NO EVIL made the New York Times Bestseller List after one week out! Yippee!!


Diane said...

Kate, I have been a widow for 22 years this Sept.5th. I still hear from my husband every now and then...especially when I walk into a store and the music is Playing Fascination. That was our song and who plays that anymore? It's usually when I'm there to buy something big that I don't need. I do think about it a little more. Also, my father died in 1976 and always talked about music and a company called the Angel music co.. he bot records from them I think. When I'm driving in the car, I sometimes hear the man say, "and that was from the Angle Record Co." It seems to happen if I'm upset or thinking about my father. How can people go on if they don't believe in the afterlife. Sorry for the long post.

H. Harra said...

You'd think with quantum mechanics, string theory, nano-science, etc. that "scientific" people would get that there's more going on regarding existence than meets the eye.

Kate Collins said...

Diane, thanks for your long post. It's always fascinating to hear stories like yours. It just reaffirms what I've experienced. When my dad drops by for a visit, I smell cigarette smoke. In my house! It makes me smile even though I hate smoke. I think other people's loved ones will try to leave signs but most people are so busy with their lives, they don't pay attention. Have you ever read the book, "Hello from Heaven" ?

Kate Collins said...

Yes, wouldn't you? And maybe some of them do. It's the medical doctors that surprise me. They should be the ones who believe in miracles!

Unknown said...

Kate. First, I would like to tell you how sorry I am about the loss of your husband. My belated condolences to you. I am here because I lost my daughter (in 2001) and my father (in 2005) and both gave me different 'signs' afterward. With my daughter, she came to me in a 'dream' about a year into my extreme grief and sorrow saying to me in this dream: "Please do not cry, mommy and daddy, I am happy here and in no pain." The next minute in my dream she was smiling up at me while we walked hand in hand, her smile telling me that when my day came to be with our Creator I would once again see my Rachel. With my father, on the other hand, I 'sensed' his presence one day when I was driving in my car. But, with my dad, I sensed that he was angry and annoyed at me. And although I asked his 'presence' what was wrong, I got no answer except my 'feelings,' which told me that he was upset at his biological children (me, my brother, and sister) for not understanding his wife (my stepmom) and how she was grieving differently than we all were. When I told my mom (who is still living) she said to me, "I guess you have to be receptive to those kind of things." Not sure what she meant by that! But I took it to mean she did not believe that my beloved Rachel or my dad (her ex-husband) came to me in a 'dream' and as a 'presence' in my car. However, I know what I dreamt and what I felt in my very being. Sorry for such a long post! This is the first time I am writing about these signs from my daughter Rachel and my beloved father. My husband, unlike my mother, does believe Rachel and my Dad were giving me 'signs' so that we could both go on living life to the fullest, as we had before their deaths (my husband was very close to my dad and cried more than any of us did at my father's funeral).

Toni at Woodhaven said...

I read PROOF OF HEAVEN a few months ago. I agree it is a fascinating book. I didn't need much convincing, because I do believe in an afterlife, but I was really struck by how the author described his experience. His descriptions were so "out there" and at times difficult to relate to anything on earth. For instance, mentioning colors that don't exist here and struggling to describe them. To me, the author's struggle to describe things that have no parallel on earth lent credibility to his story. Then, later when I had my own experience feeling the presence of God while in a cave in Patmos, Greece and I struggled to find words to describe the enormity, I thought back to PROOF OF HEAVEN and thought, "Yep."

Diane said...

No I have no read that book.

Kate Collins said...

Roseanne, if anyone doubts that you were in contact with your daughter or father, tell them to read the very scientific "The Afterlife Experiments" which should convince all doubters -- but many people don't want to believe :(I have no idea why) and refuse to read in case they have to change their minds. I'm so happy you were able to talk with your beloved daughter. And don't hesitate to ask for a sign from her now. You can even ask for a specific sign. I've also read that whatever quirks we have in life go with us, so personalities will be the same. Fascinating, isn't it?

Kate Collins said...

Wow, Toni, what an experience that must have been! I can't imagine trying to describe something for which there are no words.

Betty Hechtman said...

First, congrats on the New York Times list!

I read Proof of Heaven a while ago and really liked it. I liked reading the comments people left on this blog. I'm always interested in hearing about other's experiences. When my father died I had this image which I wrote down. It was all about blue lighs and people greeting him. At that moment I lost any fear of death I'd had.

Aurian said...

I am glad that your husband is still watching out for you. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories.

Melinda said...

Hello. Has anyone ever read 'Heaven Is For Real' by Todd Burpo? Compelling. Embracing. Uplifting. Brief.
A few years after my Mom died, she 'came' to me. It scared the jeepers out of me and I didn't want to open my eyes again. I went back to sleep, but I knew she was there. I always have regretted not opening my eyes again and talking with her.
One time when I was in high school, everyone was asleep and Mom was asleep on the sofa in the family room downstairs. I was having what I thought was a dream. Both my deceased grandmothers were standing next to the bed talking to me. I'd never met my Mom's Mom (maternal Grandmother) because she died when my Mom was 14. My paternal Grandmother (who died when I was less than 6) headed downstairs saying she was going to see my Mom, while my Mom's Mom stayed a few moments longer talking to me. Then she left. Then I awoke with screams to wake the dead. My Dad and Brother rushed downstairs, as I ran to the top of the railing. No way was I going downstairs. My brother came upstairs and said my Mom had said she thought she saw her Mom. Hmmmm...she did. I did, too.
Jan 2012 one of my gal pals died from heart failure. I have her dog and bird. Periodically I smell cinnamon...her favorite. Didn't figure she'd stay away, since I have 'her' 'kids'.
I'm going to open another comment box to send everyone a poem I wrote to help you along life's way, if I can copy and paste it. If not, you won't get the poem. Hope that's okay. Be blessed!

Melinda said...

We’re Just Passing Through...

The heavens have cried since your loved one died.
The clouds parted, the sun shone,
The Lord is happy...your loved one is home.
He died to make and give their lives free,
Forgiveness of sins, be now filled with glee.
They know a place in the heavens above,
Where peace reigns supreme and life is now fun.
So be happy for them as they have a life,
Get out your drums, flute, bags and pipes.
You’ll miss them, I know, you will live without,
But now’s not the time to live and have doubt.
Blessed assurance is yours everyday:
They loved you, love you now, love you still...all the way.
You’ll meet them again, when you go beyond
Don’t stop talking now, of your voice they are fond.
And listen because they have much to say---
Don’t think you can’t hear them, that isn’t God’s way.
He wants you to hear them and talk hours away.
Share your concerns; you know the way
To make them feel loved by you and by yours.
They’ll never forget you...and that’s for sure.
They will be waiting and watching with care,
Helping God’s Angels, while they are up there.
So let them help you, give them each care,
That passes your forehead, lay it all there,
For them so to see so they can take part
In God’s Holy plans made right for your heart.
And tho’ you can’t see or understand how,
God could want you to lose your loved one now,
You will know someday, it may not be soon,
So let your voice sing into a croon.
They’ll hear you for sure, no one’ll think you’re a lun’
Just give it all breath---give’em a full-voiced loved tune.
And while you’re out watching the spring flowers bloom,
Know it was God’s tears, which caused them to plume.
And look at the ground for feathers abound,
Then you’ll know they have wings...
They’re an Angel ’bove ground. glad we got to know you.

Melinda R. Norstad c
I was inspired to write this a few days after an F16 and a C130 collided at Pope Air Force Base in NC years ago....miliseconds after my now ex-husband had walked off the runway and escaped tragedy. Unfortunately, many lost their lives and were maimed. I hope this poem will print in its entirety and that you will be blessed by it. Can't tell you how many feathers I've collected in my life since. Feel free to share this if it touches your may help others by doing the same.