Monday, August 26, 2013

Proof of Heaven

by Kate Collins

Many of you know that my husband passed away nearly three years ago suddenly and tragically, sending me into a tailspin of grief and shock. Those who have followed my posts know that I received signs almost immediately that he is around me, signs I still receive daily. So my interest in the afterlife is very intense. I've read many books on the subject, so recently, on a road trip, I listened to the audio book of PROOF OF HEAVEN: A NEUROSURGEON'S JOURNEY INTO THE AFTERLIFE, by Eben Alexander.

What a fascinating story! A renown, preeminent neurosurgeon, a man of science who believed science held all the answers, who doubted the existence of God, tells such a compelling story about his near death experience that my hours on the road flew by. I highly recommend this book.

But what I found disturbing is that so many doctors and other scientific minded people cannot fathom that there can be more to life than just this life! Even with uncontroversial proof, many doubt it. How closed-minded of them.

If you've lost a loved one, as most of us have, I urge you to read this. It's so amazing and unbelievably comforting to know that we survive. Not only survive, but thrive!

If you do read it, or listen to it, drop me a comment on Facebook and let me know what you think.

Happy reading!

p.s. Another bit of news you may have heard: SEED NO EVIL made the New York Times Bestseller List after one week out! Yippee!!
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