Thursday, August 22, 2013

Losing my Sea Legs

by Julie

All of us on the Party Bus on our way to the pier.
I suppose the title of this post is inaccurate, because I'm about to talk about being on the lake, not at sea, but I think the concept is still apt.

About two weeks ago Lorraine talked about the boat she'd fallen in love with while doing research for her new Jeff Resnick book, Dark Waters.

The day after that post ran, my husband and I (along with a bunch of friends) went out on Lake Michigan on a boat very similar to Lorraine's favorite. Ours was a little smaller, 42 feet rather than 46, but it had a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and two nooks for dining.

Chicago was hopping that night. The Tall Ships were in town, Taylor Swift was performing at Soldier Field, fireworks were scheduled at Navy Pier, and we were cruising the lakefront, taking it all in.

Perfect weather. Gorgeous, clear night. Spectacular sunset. Best of all, we were in the company of good friends.

At about nine o'clock, however, our captain decided to hold up and wait for the fireworks. The water was getting really choppy and he was afraid of passengers getting seasick if we cruised too far south. So we held up near Navy Pier. All good. It seemed as though all the other boats in the area had the same idea. We even saw the Wirtz family boat as it zoomed by.

I was sitting up top most of the evening. Hadn't even had a single glass of wine, believe it or not. I had eaten real food, but the choppy water started to get to me. After about 45 minutes of bouncing waves knocking us up and down, I had to go below where it was a bit more steady. My friends down there (smart women: they'd all taken Dramamine ahead of time), looked on with sympathy. It was getting dark out, so I suppose they didn't see me turning green.

Except for a cruise during a hurricane once, which tossed our ship every which way, I've never been seasick. I had a small bout of motion sickness when we were on a bus tour once, but that only affected me when I sat in the way back. I thought I'd be fine.

Not so much. And because I was faced the other way, hanging my head over the side, I missed some of the fireworks.

I had fun for most of the night, though. And with the benefit of hindsight, I'm glad. If someone had to get sick on this trip, I'm happy it was me and not one of our guests. And that my husband wasn't affected, because he'd arranged everything and this was his baby.

So it seems my sea (or lake) legs are gone.
How about you? How do you fare out among the waves?
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