Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Heading Back East---Birthdays and Books and Football

by Maggie Sefton

This Thursday I'm heading back to Northern VA to celebrate two granddaughters' birthdays as well as my own birthday.  Parties are scheduled for all three birthdays.  :)   Plus a birthday shopping excursion with my teenage granddaughter Natale.   It will be a LOT of fun.  I've also got three book signings/book events scheduled after Labor Day in the early part of September.  Of course, I'll also be making the rounds of bookstores in Northern Va/DC/Suburban Maryland taking postcards for the 2nd book in the Molly Malone political suspense trilogy, POISONED POLITICS.

And if that's not enough going on, there are dinners with old friends, Diane & Les and Nancy & Tom, friends that I've known since the earliest days of childhood in Arlington, VA.  Nancy &   Diane are sisters and grew up across the street from me in Arlington.  Old friends are golden, and I always stay with Diane and Les at their beautiful home in Vienna, VA, west of Arlington.  Gourmet cook Nancy and husband Tom  are also hosting my daughters and me one evening before my birthday at their gorgeous Vienna home.  I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing everyone again.  :)

And believe it or not---there's even more scheduled.  :)  I got a text from daughter Serena last week that informed me they were scheduling a Family Football Outing in New York City for Labor Day weekend.  Serena had already found and paid for a 2-BR apt in Melissa's neighborhood of the Upper West Side.  Daughters Serena, Maria and I will be there, plus space for one more.  Daughter Melissa may join us because her apartment will be filled with daughter Christine and family.  :)  People sleeping everywhere.

Christine is getting tickets for us because grandson Matthew, who attends Penn State University and plays football---wide receiver---will be playing August 31st, Saturday at MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ.  Last year, our entire family did our Family Football Outing by driving to Charlottesville, VA to watch Penn State play University of Virginia.  Great fun, and even the rain waited until the game was over.  This year, Penn State will play Syracuse.

So---there will be a lot going on.  Our family is fun-loving, rowdy, and we love to laugh.  So, it'll be quite a weekend.  Mid-September, I hope to get down into the Northern Neck of Virginia (near the mouth of the Potomac River) for a while. I'll post about that later on.  My book signings will be Wednesday, Sept 3rd, at One More Page Books in Arlington, VA;  I'll also be signing Saturday, Sept 7th,  at Barnes & Noble--Seven Corners, VA.  Please check my website for details if you're interested.

What do you have planned for Labor Day Weekend?  Backyard barbecue?  Weekend trip?


CindyD said...

Weekend trip! Columbia River gorge, Powell's in Portland, Cannon Beach.

ladyvyvian said...

Happy birthday to you and your granddaughters. I am also celebrating a birthday on 8-28. I will be 66 and officially retired. We don't have any particular plans for labor day. Usually my daughter has to work as she is a waitress and they don't close. Also, my son-in-law is ill so it will probably be a quiet day around here.

Hope you all have a very good time.

Rachelle21 said...

Happy birthday to you, your granddaughters and Ladyvyvian. I will be 66 tomorrow. Since my husband is in a nursing home, I may spend the day with him.

Maggie Sefton said...

CindyD---Wow! That sounds exciting!

Maggie Sefton said...

ladyvyvian----Quiet is good. :). I hope your son in law gets well soon. Stay healthy yourself.

Maggie Sefton said...

Happy Birthday to you too, Rachelle21!