Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

Ah...the dog days of summer!

Splashing in pools, vacations, picnics, reading in the shade, watermelon.

And hints that fall is right around the corner, at least here in Wisconsin - shorter daylight hours, a bit of a nip in the evening air, school supplies front and center in retail stores.

And what is this woman doing to celebrate in August? She's been invited to go camping with a family of outdoor enthusiasts. I'll be 'tenting it' for the first time in...geez...twenty some years. And as the date approaches, I'm getting nervous. What about mosquitoes? Rumor has it they are awful this year. Plus, last time (my memory hasn't failed me yet), a skunk rooted around in the campsite while I cowered inside my tent, not more than four feet away. Is there such a thing as skunk repellent?

Which makes me think now about bears. No food in my tent, that's for sure.  And I need to cut a back exit into the canvas just in case.

Then there's the aging body I'm forced to take along. It doesn't enjoy sleeping on the ground. So should I bring my bed? I'm pretty sure I could strap it onto the roof of the car.

One thing is for certain in this upcoming sea of uncertainty, the trip is going to be an adventure.  

What's going to be your last hurrah of the summer?  Do you camp? Any tips?
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