Sunday, August 11, 2013

Confusion, Decisions, Stress But Progress

by Leann

We are finally making progress on the house now that the rain has stayed away. We have the basement and living area framed and I can finally
picture my new home. It is exciting and scary at the same time. But what's really the most frightening is that I'm up. Most of the decisions so far have been made by my contractor/husband.

He is very good at the structural parts of building the place. He is not so good at communicating to me when I need to have other things in place. What order to things come in? Who do we need to line up to do these things? It is creating a lot of anxiety for me, especially since I have a book deadline looming.

Do the tile people do the quartz countertops? Do the countertop people install the sinks? Or is that done by the plumber? Or do they work together? Do the cabinet people work with the counter people? Oy! It's making me crazy just writing all this down. What makes it better is the view that I will have out my bedroom window. Isn't it amazing? And the second picture is the view from our master bath at the front of the house. Lovely trees, green oasis, right?

But Saturday we went to Lowe's and I was exhausted after a few hours. Contractor/husband was wandering around looking at saws and compressors when we were supposed to be looking at roofing. Then, after we left Lowe's, he tells me that the roofers he's already contracted have samples of roofing they show us. Then what the heck were we doing at Lowe's? I'm assuming it had something to do with saws and compressors.

If I make it out of this process with my sanity it will be a miracle. I have asked over and over for a list. Just write down what I need to pick out when as well as where I need to get it. Write down who I need to talk to. I've gone through this process with the windows and the plumbing fixtures and worked with two women who really knew their stuff and helped me immensely. Wish me luck finding someone to guide me, because the contractor on this job has his mind on different things. :-)
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