Sunday, August 4, 2013

Comfort Food. What's Your Favorite?

by Leann

Since moving to South Carolina a year ago, I have found that I am missing my "comfort foods." The problem is partly due to a pretty non-functional kitchen preparation area in the rental house we live in while waiting for our house to be built. Macaroni and cheese comes to mind right away because it requires a stove and an oven to be done right. I've made it here, but gosh, then I need a cleaning crew to come in and repair the
damage! I end up with macaroni-and-cheesed kitchen!

One thing I have had a tough time finding here is a decent steak! I love steak and really need a protein-rich diet because of my health. In Texas, I used to grill steak probably once a week on the Jenn-Air.
We don't even have a barbeque grill right now and it seems there isn't a restaurant close by that can cook a steak the right way. I guess waiting on this building process is making this hankering for my own cooking all the more strong.

There are other things I miss that I will have to wait on, but what about you? What food could you NOT live without? Inquiring minds want to know.
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