Saturday, August 3, 2013


Big things are happening in Casa Webber these days. In two weeks Mr. W and I will officially be empty nesters. So what did we do?

We bought a new house.

We realized it was a good time to downsize and took the leap. The kind of leap you make with your eyes closed and your fingers crossed.

Officially, we move in after the kids go off to school, but we've been back and forth over to the new place a couple of times a day. Cleaning, letting in contractors, stripping endless amounts of wallpaper—that kind of thing.

And here at our old house we've been packing and purging. Going to a smaller place means we have to get rid of a lot of stuff. We've lived here for nineteen years and apparently we’re packrats. All of us.

The hardest thing so far to pare down has been our books. It’s just so hard to let titles go, but we have to be ruthless about it. There just isn't space for them all, unfortunately. And even though we've cut back, we still have overflowing bookcases (how does that happen???). Plus, I have all my backlist books, too, in bins. I’m not even sure what to do with those. But we’ll figure it out. We'll have lots of time with the nest being empty and all (SIGH).

So, if anyone has any moving or packing or purging tips, I'm all ears. Oh, I'll also take wallpaper removal tips, too. (Curse that wallpaper!)

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