Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to the Basics

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

I don't watch much television, so decided to go with basic cable when I moved in March. And haven't
missed much from what I used to have, which was everything! But when NBC and Time Warner got into their conflict and the viewers were caught in the crosshairs, and then CBS jumped into the war, I decided to retreat.

Others did too. Especially since the Packers have started back up with exhibition games and they just happen to be on NBC and after all, this is Wisconsin! Some (the pack rats) dug out their old rabbit ears, some of us bought those new gadgets that you stick on your window or wall for reception. Me? I connected to the roof antenna, which was trickier than it sounds cuz the cable guy changed out the face plate, eliminating that as a just-screw-it-in option. But it's up and running now.

And guess what? I have almost as many free channels as I did with basic cable. And the picture is clearer. It really is. Not sure why, but no complaints. So I'm cancelling my cable.

Now it I could only figure out how to get free wi-fi....

Ya know what? I may have won the war:)


Bill B said...

Ditto here! Can pull everything we need out o' the air -- and streamin' stuff from computer directly to TV the few times we want to watch a show or movie. I'm glad to hear that it's workin' for you, too! I could give some suggestions for the free wi-fi, but ... um, another time ツ

Aurian said...

That is great Deb! I wonder if that works here too. I have switched to digital tv and totally hate how the screen freezes again and again. Which is one of the reasons I never watch tv anymore. if not for my boyfriend who likes to watch the news, I would cancel my subscription. And I might still do that ...

Maggie Sefton said...

Deb---You amaze me. :) Climbing on the roof and attaching wires & cable to Lord knows what. I can see it now if I tried to go on the roof and attach wires to something. Either I'd electrocute myself or I'd fall off.

Hey---MESSAGE TO BILL B---Please tell Deb your suggestions for free wi-fi so we can all learn! Pleez! I'm going to be spending time in Southern VA near the Potomac River in Sept and neighbors have already said wireless reception for their iPhones, iPads, etc is spotty because of all the trees and distance from cell tower.