Monday, August 5, 2013

Animal Shelters -- Kill or No Kill?

by Kate Collins

In my latest mystery, SEED NO EVIL (which comes out tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug 6th!) Abby's local animal shelter is on the verge of going from a no-kill to a kill facility. As fans of the Flower Shop Mysteries will suspect, Abby can't help but get involved to stop that from happening.

To write this story, however, I had to debate both sides of the issue. Trust me, for a person who loves all animals, it wasn't easy to do. But I had to admit, there are some situations where euthanizing is humane.

I think you'll enjoy the story and will fall in love with the little dog whose life is in jeopardy. She's central to the plot.

But today I'd like to hear from you on where you stand on this issue. Do you believe that all shelters should be no-kill shelters? Do you see any exceptions?  Can you understand what kinds of problems a no-kill shelter has? What kind of facility is in your city or town?

By the way,  I can't wait for you to read this book.  Not only will you adore the little dog, but you'll get a nice surprise at the end. And Abby finally gets married! But how she does it is also a surprise.

Happy reading!

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