Sunday, July 14, 2013

Waiting on My World to Change

by Leann

When we moved last year, things happened very quickly. Yes, selling your house in about a week is not what you plan on! (It sure was nice to get a deal that quickly, of course!) Beforehand, we'd done a lot of clearing out, putting belongings in storage, throwing away useless objects, purging our life of mucho paper (which was shredded and recycled) and giving many things to charity.

A year later, we are in a rental house and most of our stuff remains boxed
up or in storage. I noticed today that because I SO want this place to be a very temporary home, I haven't made any attempt to make this place more like what I was used to in Texas. Objects put on shelves or in closets remain there, untouched. It's like my mind is reassuring me that this, too, shall pass.

But now, I so miss my quilts, my fabric stash, my dishes, my pictures of
family, my Amish made dining room table, my piano and the collectibles I always kept where I could admire them, take comfort in them and feel the joy of the memories they evoke. I collect cat folk art. I only have one piece here--what a friend sent me for Christmas. I miss walls dotted with pictures my sister painted or cross stitch projects I created.

When you race into a new stage of life, you anticipate all the wonderful things that will happen. I suppose I need to return to anticipation stage because waiting on this rental house world to change just isn't happening.
The good news is, I will have a "Christmas" unlike any other when we finally move once our house is built--boxes and boxes of wonderful gifts to re-explore and appreciate more than ever. I hope anyone in the southeast doing the "non-rain" dance will keep up the effort so we can back to building a house!

Ever put your stuff in storage for a year or more? What was it like to get it all back? I'd love to hear!

BTW--I haven't forgotten the giveaway, but having a very sick cat and a very sick me (bronchitis) has me behind in all normal daily activity. But the winner(s) will hear from me soon!
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