Monday, July 8, 2013

Taking "The Heat" Out of the Kitchen

by Kate Collins

Have you seen the Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock movie, "The Heat?" I did and liked it.  And apparently many others did, too, because it beat out some of the bigger movies at the box office last weekend.

In case you haven't heard of it, "The Heat" has laughs, suspense, violence, a car chase, lots of guns, lots of cursing, cops, Feds, DEA agents, drugs, and was a buddy movie -- but didn't star men! Are you cheering with me? Two solid women actresses are pitted against a slew of male-dominated movies -- and winning. Yay!

And while I celebrated that, I groaned at the trailers for the stupid/silly summer movies that are about to hit the silver screen, most of them about college kids or overgrown men who act like college kids getting drunk, doing drugs and trying to have/having sex.

So, although the language was coarse, it was still refreshing to see an intelligent movie starring good actresses. But I'd go see anything starring Melissa McCarthy. Talk about a breath of fresh air!

Have you seen any flicks you can recommend?
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