Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Serendipity or Karma?

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

As a new singleton, I'm pushing myself way past my introverted comfort level, which
is...well...uncomfortable. My apartment complex had it's summer picnic on Saturday. Right up until the last minute, I tried to talk myself out of going.

"You don't know anybody! They will be clustered in tight-knit circles. You'll be on the outside looking in again," said the insecure me.

"You don't have to stay long. Put on your big girl pants and make a showing," reasoned the part of me who had looking forward to this when I first signed up.


Sure enough, all the tables in the community room were round and jam packed and nobody called out to me to join them. Now what? My mind had another conversation.

"Turn tail and run!"

"Grow up. Figure it out."

I looked up from an imaginary spot on the floor and noticed a door leading to a courtyard where I discovered staff members grilling chicken and hamburgers and corn on the cob.

And four people sitting at a square table. For some strange reason there was a whole side empty. Before my head could offer conflicting advice, I sat down.

The conversation was stilted, awkward, slow to start, but soon I realized none of them knew each other either. Then the person directly across from me said directly to me, "Do you want to learn Spanish? Because I do."

Now, let me tell you that I bought Spanish for Dummies recently and I've been practicing with an online site, and I'd pretty much given up on learning this amazing language on my own.

"YES!" I practically shouted. We went inside where I met the woman who will teach us, and we found two others to join our class, and suddenly these people are in my life. When I questioned the person who started it all, he wasn't sure why he asked me that question. It just popped into his head. Anyway, we'll meet every Thursday to learn conversational Spanish. I'm taking it slow and not going in with a lot of expectations, but suddenly this new life has all kinds of possibilities.

So was it a happy accident or was more going on here? Dumb luck or fate, fluke or meant to be, or an accidental walk under a sprinkling of fairy dust? Whatever occurred, I'll take what has been offered with gratitude.

And it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't put myself out there.

Have you had an experience like this? A time when you really had to shove and push yourself? And you were able to write a happy ending?


Linda said...

I love the fairy dust explanation myself. I'm intimidated by cliques of people because it reminds of the first dance I went to in school. Before I retired from working in a law office I went against my usual "don't get involved" rule because for some reason I felt an instant bond with the mother of one of our teenaged clients. I think because we were both grandmothers maybe. I don't know. But that was 2008 & we've been good friends since then. Normally she & I would never have met but we have learned so much from each other! She's 43 & always hoping to find a husband (he will be her 3rd marriage!) and I'm 66 & have been married for 47 years. She's a truck driver/hairdresser & I've always been a secretary. Our common denominator? Granddaughters born into the least promising of circumstances that we were determined to help.

SueAnn said...

Karma..for sure.....

Aurian said...

That is great Kate, and I am happy for you!

Deb said...

Linda, that's a wonderful story!

Elaine said...

I have a hard time with these kinds of things. Sometimes I am so afraid to put myself out there and fear being rejected. And then there are times when I am afraid I will have to continue with the effort it takes to continue to be out there. Too many times I am too happy to be hiding in my own world, away from other people. Do you know what I mean? But I am happy for you. And hopefully the Spanish class works out. Can I come?

Nancy said...

Oh my goodness, that siituation is the sort of thing that makes me break out in a sweat. I had a similar opportunity to get brave and join in, but nobody jumped in to save me. This was after a church service for coffee hour. I think the person who put himself out there must have had the same scary experience as you were having at one time. So, good for him and you!

Deb said...

Elaine, many of us feel exactly like you do. And yes, join us:)

Deb said...

That's an astute observation about the person who started the ball rolling, Nancy. And you are right, it doesn't always work. I've had many situations that stayed uncomfortable until the bitter end. Is it worth it to have those rare golden moments? I say, YES!

Rachelle21 said...

You never know whom you will meet and where. We were on a bus and talking about Sci Fi and found a writer my husband collected was on the bus. At the hospital where my husband has been since July 4, I have seen people who know me from Mansfield. When they moved him for a short time, the lady who was visiting her husband thought she knew me. We figured out that we both go to the same club in Wellsboro and she remembered my voice from when I did I&R and she was working.

Deb said...

Meant to be, Rachelle! Great story.

Sue said...

Your blog comforts me more than you will ever know. I so fear being alone if my husband goes before me. Now I know there is a little hope for those of us that don't know lots of people and have lots of close friends to meet others.