Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Music in the Mountains

by Maggie Sefton

Sorry I don't have any photos for you folks today.  But it's Monday night, and I'm
here in Estes Park, CO, in Colorado's High Country without my laptop.  Im using
my trusty iPad.  Estes Park is the precious little mountain town that's the gateway
to the magnificent  Rocky Mountain National Park.  I've posted various photos in past posts, so just 
  picture snow-capped Rockies, and you have the idea.  :).  

I came up here ( hour from Fort Collins) with a friend for a two day getaway into the mountains with music.  We got a reservation to stay overnight at the famous Stanley Hotel (immortalized in Stephen King's novel and movie "The Shining.". I don't watch horror movies, so I told my friend that I would not accompany her tonight when she stays up late downstairs reading, then decides to wander the halls hoping to meet some of King's hotel "spirits.".   I told her I'd be upstairs asleep by then, I hope, and advised her NOT to bring any phantoms back into the room.  I have enough different characters inhabiting my head as it is.  I definitely don't need wandering hotel spirits.  :).  She made no promises.  Frankly, I don't think she's going to see anything.  The huge historic hotel is booked solid.  Every room is full with  visiting summer guests.  You hear teenagers muttering that they're not afraid of ghosts, so if the hotel spirits want to have some fun, they'll pick on the teenagers.  (eg).

My friend and I arrive at lunch time in the rain.  This is our wonderful Monsoon season.  And Estes Park and the mountains are beautiful even in the rain.  We had a leisurely lunch then drove thru the park for an hour with few of the visiting tourists around.  The animals senses that the rain would scare tourists away, and a young bull elk, very young, little antlers still covered with "velvet" paraded his youthful self across a road while we few cars stopped and admired him.  :)

But tonight, we went to the Estes Park Music Festival.  We'd reserved tix online.  We had a quicker dinner then off to the concert.  Bach' s Brandenburg Concertos #2, 4, and 5.  Oh, my, did I need that.  I didn't even know how much I'd missed just going to the concert halls lately.  I'd been SO busy with the writing business.  But Music was the main Art in in Life for. . .well, most of my life.  I had characters spinning stories in my head since childhood, but I never wrote them down.  I simply amused myself with them.  But my chief artistic outlet was my music.  Ever since I was a child of eight.  I was blessed with a clear true lyric soprano voice, and my church choir director recruited me into the children's choir.  I started singing the sacred repertoire of Bach and I was hooked.  I was in  choirs and select audition choral groups the rest of school, jr high, sr high and.Univesity. And into adulthood.  Washington DC choral society, voice teachers, music lessons.  Choral societies in Indiana when we were at Purdue, and again in Fort Collins, CO at Colo State Univ.

Stories and characters were always in my head, but I always had my artistic outlet---music. Maybe that's why I didn't start writing until my early 30s.  Who knows?  But our lives can become SO very busy, even with things and work we love, like writing novels, that we forget to nurture ourselves.  That's what this short trip is about.  Nurturing myself and my friend with two things we love:  the Colorado mountains and classical Music.    What nurtures you?
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